Recumbent Bike vs. Treadmill for Weight Loss

Research conclusively shows that incorporating 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise into a workout routine at least three to five times a week will drastically give you enormous amounts of health benefits. Simply defined, cardiovascular exercise is any type of workout that increases the use of the heart and lungs and subsequently increases endurance, builds muscle, and helps keep fat off your body. Among the ways to add this kind of exercise into your life are through recumbent bikes and treadmills.

R Bike vs Treadmill

A leaner waistline is among the most noticeable effects of working out and helps improve self-esteem and confidence. Purchasing an in home exercise machine to allow you the flexibility to easily add in exercise can prove to be one of the best ways to help your weight loss goals within reach . The convenience, flexibility, and easy access, due to it being right in the comfort of your home, should increase motivation and eliminate many deterrents that take you off course from health commitments.

Some things to consider before making a final choice on what machine to go with include being clear as to what your weight loss goals are and what you envision as your routine workouts. In this way, you will make a smart decision because you want a machine to keep pace with your fitness improvements and increasing stamina. In addition, you want to make sure that you will get a challenge out of it with variable resistance levels and workout programs.


Recumbent Bike Considerations

Among the hallmark features of recumbent bikes are the low-impact cardiovascular workout they provide and the nearly zero chances of getting hurt from them. In fact, many medical professionals recommend them for recovery from injuries and for people who are overweight or may have balance problems. Furthermore, these stationary bikes provide the ultimate comfort because the user is seated in a horizontal or reclining position, which alleviates any joint issue in the back as well as any strains in the wrist and shoulders, as they typically have handlebars to the side of the seat for the hands to rest on.

This comfortable positioning for the user not only provides a motivation to hop on and start pedaling, but also allows for multitasking while getting your workout in, i.e. you can watch TV, navigate the Internet, or talk on the phone all with ease. Moreover, the pedal push force, which is needed on a recumbent bike, actually has you using more energy than what would be required for an upright or outdoor bike.


Treadmill Details

A treadmill is easy to use and allows the user to walk or run indoors for a workout that can be adjusted to serve various fitness goals. It also provides a higher amount of calories to be burned as compared to the same amount of time on a recumbent bike
. This phenomenon is due to the fact that more muscle groups are engaged in the workout.

The efficiency in maximizing a workout for weight loss does come with some drawbacks. Namely, there is more chance for injury with a treadmill, especially by way of muscle strains and the knee joints. In addition, people who are overweight may find treadmills
to be a harder form of exercise and therefore, they can serve to be less motivating for workouts.


Bringing It Together

When your optimum goal is to trim down for health reasons, it would make sense that the more calories you can burn within a certain time frame the better the workout option; however there are definitely other options that are worth thinking about when choosing between a recumbent bike and a treadmill. These factors include chances of injury, maintaining motivation, and overall comfort, among others.

Although most tend to agree that the quicker you get to your weight loss goal the better, you want to make sure you choose an in home exercise machine that gives you the least amount of stress during workouts. Remember too, the more effective workouts really all depend as to how much effort you put into exercising. Finally, you will tend to exercise more when the routine is something you enjoy; therefore before purchasing be sure to make a wise choice.

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