EGOFIT M2 Treadmill 3 in 1 Integrate Running Machine 7.5Mph and Vibration Platform Under Desk Treadmill Walking Machine Perfect for Office & Home

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Product description

Egofit Treadmill: ideal fitness and healthy style companion for home and office use.


under the desktop treadmillunder the desktop treadmill


The Egofit treadmill offers you long endurance races, comfortable jogging, walking and even vibration massage, with training not only improves your fitness, but also burns fat, strengthens your heart and increases your long-term well-being.

Treadmill under the deskTreadmill under the desk


The versatile treadmill 3 in 1 Egofit integrates treadmill and vibration massager, bringing health and joy to your office and home.

desktop treadmill for treadmilldesktop treadmill for treadmill


Health tips: walk

Led treadmill displayLed treadmill display

Led screen

The LED display is readable so you can always know your exercise data for both the treadmill and the vibration platform.

√ speed

√ Distance

√ Time

√ Calories

√ quiet

Walk at work with the treadmill under the desk

Work perfectly with a standing desk

Running the walking machine with a speed ≤ 1.85 mph (3 km / h) is the best setting for your daily work mode, the movement of the feet burns calories, while this range of motion does not distract attention from your work .

As a recommended work style, a good habit keeps you healthy.

However, the Egofit treadmill is more of a compatible equipment.

√ Embrace health when walking, eliminating discomfort and illness caused by sedentary lifestyle and long stay.

√ Burn fat and stay thin. Keep walking is more efficient to burn calories, it is an excellent complement to the usual exercise plan.

√ Without specialized training to achieve the above, saving time!

treadmill and vibration platestreadmill and vibration plates

BONUS vibration platform

Combining treadmill and vibration massager

The versatile Egofit treadmill gives you both the function of running and the vibration massage. You can perform two exercise styles (run and vibrate) alternately, adjusting at your own pace, all covered cardio. Do not forget to stretch before and after exercise.

Treadmill Parameters

Motor power: 3HP

Rated voltage: 100 ~ 110V 50 / 60HZ

Speed ​​range: 1 ~ 7.5mph (1 ~ 12kph)

Operating area: 43.5 & # 39; & # 39; x 16.6 & # 39; & # 39; (L x W)

Parameters of vibrating platform.

Motor power: 400W

Rated voltage: 100 ~ 110V 50 / 60HZ

Automatic program quantity: 3

Vibration levels: 1 ~ 50

Egofit treadmill data

Package contains: Egofit treadmill with handrail, manual, remote control, lubricant, Allen key

Product net weight: 93.34 pounds

Floor area: 63 & # 39; & # 39; X 26.8 & # 39; & # 39;

Maximum weight capacity: 264.60 pounds

Color: wood grain

LED display: available

Transport wheels: available

Folding: folding railings

treadmill folding desktreadmill folding desk


Folding treadmill desk

spacious machine zonespacious machine zone

Spacious career area

It is recommended to use for:

Office employees facing neck pain, headache, wrist syndrome, waist pain, etc. Due to the long-term stationary state.
Regular athletes who like to do an indoor exercise plan regardless of the weather.
Teenagers starting athletic training.
Housewives who do housework and stay too long in need of a light exercise to relax and cool off.
Elderly people who require safe exercise to stay energetic and healthy.

Space saving: invisible beyond its exposure time

Foldable and storable

The Egofit treadmill has no assembly and can be used as soon as it is unpacked. The handrail is foldable, place it after use and store it in the corner, behind the door, under the bed or against the wall. It only takes 0.25 square meters to stand. There are transport wheels that benefit the machine so you can easily move it inside the house.

√ FREE assembly

√ EASY to use

√ EASY to fold

√ EASY to store

√ EASY to move

√ EASY to keep

Egofit treadmill construction

self lubrication treadmill

self lubrication treadmill


solid cover of the treadmill

solid cover of the treadmill


treadmill engine

treadmill engine


Automatic lubrication

The Egofit mini treadmill contains an automatic lubrication system, just inject additional lubricants, the system would lubricate the machine in operation and the vibration massager automatically. Save time on maintenance!

Stable performance

This is a treadmill under the desk with double layer race platform. There are SIX positions of impact absorption on both sides, solid and slippery, proof of the maximum running speed 7.5Mph with a comfortable rebound resistance.

Advanced engineering

Advanced engineering allows the Egofit treadmill to run quietly and slippery regardless of any level of running speed.

Versatile 3 in 1: The Egofit treadmill desk is stylishly designed for 3-in-1 multifunction use, CAN RUN, CAN WORK, CAN BE SHAKED.

Walk at work: The Egofit treadmill desk has an intelligent design and is perfect for working with a standing desk. It allows you to concentrate on work while exercising. Goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle.

Running and shaking:  Although it is a compact structure, there are spacious areas to run with a 43.5 ” x 16.6 & # 39; & # 39; (L x W) and for vibration training. Combine the functions of the treadmill under the desk and the vibration plates, covering all cardio exercises After running, it also allows you to burn fat by massaging the vibration plate.

Stable performance:  This is a treadmill under the desk with double layer race platform. There are SIX positions of shock absorption on both sides, solid and slippery proof of maximum 7.5Mph running speed with comfortable rebound resistance.

Automatic lubrication:  The Egofit desktop treadmill contains an automatic lubrication system, just inject additional lubricants, the system would lubricate the electric treadmill, including the vibration trainer, automatically. Save time on maintenance!


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